I’m Happy

Over the years I have had many different opinions on happiness. Love from a partner, a good friendship, a vacation, a new piece of technology; they were all definitions of being happy. Today, I stand in a place where I know all of those things are false and temporary joys. Although a few of them are important, that does not mean they will make you happy forever. A friendship may end, a relationship might fall apart, technology gets old, and vacation memories fade; you are left with nothing but an album of pictures that you will probably never look through.

I think true happiness is what you have at the end of the day, what you go to bed with and what you will wake up with, always, in every situation. And that is a love for yourself. It may sound selfish, but I think it is the number one most important thing you can achieve in your life time; a love for your body, mind and heart. If you love yourself, and you are able to look in the mirror and see beauty, make mistakes and still have hope for yourself… you will never be in despair. You will never be truly sad. You will never feel that you have lost anything. You will see every loss as a gain. If the love of your life walks out on you, you will remain hopeful and thankful for the memories. You will know that new love will come to you.

The truth is, mankind is selfish. Many humans are not afraid to hurt others and walk in and out of people’s lives as they please. The only way someone will be allowed to do that to you is if you lack respect for yourself and allow them to. Never make someone your everything. Never promise or believe in forever. Not to be pessimistic, just realistic; but few things last a lifetime. You just have to learn to be okay with endings, heart breaks, losses and look at them as new beginnings, new opportunities and new chances.

Party as hard as you can, embarrass yourself, despite of a possible ending or heartbreak; FALL IN LOVE. Smile a lot, break rules, and never ever ever regret anything or anyone. I truly believe that if something or someone made you happy at one point you should be forever thankful to them. Learn from your mistakes, and never be afraid to make new ones. Do whatever makes you happy, because truthfully, NOBODY ELSE WILL.