You Will Never Know What You Have Until it’s Gone

No matter how much you tell yourself to cherish what you have before it’s gone, you will always feel like you didn’t cherish it enough. I think that’s normal though. It’s normal to look back with regret and feel like you didn’t realize how good you had something before it got taken away. I mean, how can you know and fully understand how important, wonderful and complete someone makes you feel if you haven’t had a chance to know what it’s like to live without them?

It’s only when you wake up and there is no text from them day after day that you start to notice. Or when you hear a story that reminds you of them and you’d love to share it with them but can’t, that you realize…shit this is what it’s like.

So, I guess in a way it’s better to not have to know while you are still together what it would be like to be apart. It would be too sad and too scary. Cherish everyone that comes into your life as much as you possibly can while they are still beside you. Fight for them and keep them close by while you can because you never know if one day you’re going to want to give up your entire world and everything in it just to roll over in bed and see them laying beside you.