Love is Always Worth it

It scares me how quickly life can change. How everything can be going so perfect and then  the slightest thing sparks something and it’s all gone in front of your eyes. How you can see the whole world in the eyes of someone else one day, and the next it’s done forever. How you can have an incredible day with someone and not even know that it’s the last time you will ever spend with them. How someone can change their mind about you in a second, or find someone better and not even think twice.

I think the most truthful quote I ever read was one where a couple who were together for like 65 years were asked HOW they stayed together for so long. They said it was because they grew up in a time where when something was broken they would fix it…not throw it away. And that’s what I think people should do. Work on it and fix stuff, because realistically nothing is ever so hopeless and gone to not be able to fix. It’s always worth fixing if your goal is to have it work at the end of the day. I think that things will always work if you want them to, and if you have faith.

I think if someone is your lover and your best friend, and if you’ve shared more with them than with anyone else, you cried with them, laughed with them, fought with them, danced, sang, and did everything imaginable it is NEVER WORTH THROWING AWAY. 

When it comes to love it’s always worth the fight.

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